Have you been dealing with the sleeping disorder?

Do you feel uneasy to sleep? Have you been dealing with insomnia and if so, what have you done to overcome the issue? Actually, insomnia is a sleep disorder that millions of people worldwide have to live with.

Although it can affect people of any age but it is more common in adult females than adult males. The Sleeping order can be the cause of obesity, anxiety, depression, irritability, concentration problem, memory problem and poor immune system function. People who suffer the most with insomnia are the travelers, shift workers with frequent changes in shifts, the elders, drug users, adolescent or young adult students, those with mental health disorders and many others. People suffer from insomnia have difficulty in falling asleep at night, they usually awake during the night hence they still feel tiredness after a night’s sleep.

Insomnia can be caused due to stress and strain. Professional, personal, emotional, physical and mental worries can contribute to anyone undergoing a sleepless night. Problems could be anything like marriage problems, issue related to children, work-life balance, depression, dealing with grief/loss, financial worries, conflict or fights at work, handling difficult emotions etc. People who are lonely may easily get into the depression. Depression and sleep disorder have a close bond. Depression is a complicated psychological disease that enters into your life and leads to awakening people and asleep.

Actually, some problems and stress are mostly created by own thoughts. It’s just the amount of continuous thoughts you put into something causes the stress. Many times when someone says anything wrong, we take it as universal truth without understanding that it’s just a person’s opinion and everyone deserves to have a different opinion. We keep thinking about others opinion all the time and this excessive thinking creates the problem.

Studies have suggested that electronic devices with self-luminous displays can affect us all, which might result in displayed sleep. This technology in the bedroom disrupts sleep patterns in children. With the passage of time, the use of laptops, mobile phones, television is increased. Mostly children are usually using android mobile functions day and night resulting sleepiness and mood disorder. These electronic gadgets can cause muscles pain and weakness and fatigue in the morning.

Although there are many experts to help people with their life’s problem but the natural process to get rid of insomnia is still the best. One should follow natural tips to prevent herself/himself from this. If it is difficult to fall asleep in the initial stage then having bath or shower can make the individual relax, calm and get rid of tiredness of the day. Listening music improves the quality of sleep in adults, older women and adolescents. Secondly, the usage of electronic devices in the bedroom should be avoided. Go to bed after 3 to 5 hrs having a light dinner. Heavy dinners may cause the loss and turn instead of dropping off to sleep because the metabolism is busy in digesting instead of resting. Bed should be comfortable and there is no direct light shining on the face while sleeping.

Drink a glass of warm milk with honey. This is the best natural remedy and it has been used effectively to put over energetic children to sleep down.

Try not to think, even try not to talk to yourself like ‘this is what I am going to tell him/her tomorrow while at that meeting, lunch’ etc. people do especially when they can’t sleep. One should pretend that you already fall asleep. You are slowly going to find yourself fall to asleep.

To avoid the stress one should avoid the feeling of competition to the others. One should help others. It will provide the mental peace. So that people would focus on their work properly.

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