The health of your hair is highly dependent on the internal health. The internal health means you have to take the proper amount of nutrition which is required for the body. In this article we will discuss how to take proper care of your hair with nutrition and also we will try to relate it to vedic astrology. You will also learn about taking good care of hair by taking proper intake of necessary minerals and vitamins. The cells of hair require nutrition to grow, which remains strong, healthy and shiny.Each strand of your hair requires a correct balance of nutrition for growth of Hair.

Following are the vitamins and minerals required on a daily basis to achieve strong, shiny hair growth.
First house  horoscope is related to personality of the person which includes physical attributes like hairs also.Influence of planels like Sun, Mars and can cause loss of hair while Moon and Venus shows good hair growth.Besides this one should take proper protein,minerals & iron in their diet.


We must know that our hair is made of protein which is very essential for hair. Thus, we need to ensure that there is enough intake of protein in our daily diet. It’s very necessary for making hair grow strong and healthy.

In case you’re eating foods which lack necessary amount of protein in your daily diet, it would result into dry, brittle and weak hair. Also, daily diets low on protein might result in loss of hair.

People having sun sign as aries,Gemini,saggitarius,scorpio should take proper care on intake of protein in their daily diet.

2. Iron

The major cause for hair loss is basically the lesser amount of iron in body, this condition is merely known as Anemia.

The importance of the mineral (iron) can be judged from the fact the hair follicles and root are fed by a supply of nutrient rich blood.Horscope sign like pisces should take proper care regarding intake of iron in their diet.

Vitamin C

We must really know the way that how our human body works. Let’s note this fact: Vitamin C is very helpful in proper absorption of iron in our body. So, it is very necessary to incorporate foods which is rich in Vitamin C to get the most of the iron that we get from our daily diet. Vitamin C is responsible for generating ‘collagen’, a substance that strengthens the capillaries that supply the shafts of hair. Sagittarius astrological people can start their day by eating the food which is rich in vitamin C.Vitamin C corresponds to Mercury planet , and is important for signs like Sagittarius & pisces

Another important function of Vitamin C is of an antioxidant element.

The Vitamin C helps the liver get the body rid of waste materials and purifies the entire body.

Following are the sources for vitamin C rich foods:
a.) Blueberries b.) Amla c.) Lemon d.) Guava e.) Papaya f.) Oranges g.) Strawberries

Other vitamins and to which planet they correspond are:

Vitamin     Planet

A                 Sun

B                 Moon

C                 Mercury

D               Saturn

E                Venus

K                Mars

R               Jupiter

Do share your views about how you take care of your hair health in the comments below.

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