Drum is no longer only a musical instrument which is restricted to be  playing in concerts ,songs ,music shows.On the other hand many Psychological and scientific studies have identified it also as a helpful therapy for persons who are struggling from stress or depression .Playing the drum or listening it with mindfulness can be an experience that can change your life.

One can start feeling shift of energy or positive psychological change even in a single session of this drum meditation therapy. This method has ancient roots .It is a powerful method that can be used for releasing stress out of our modern life. Focused  meditative mind along with rhythmic drums can  start converting a depressive mood into a happy go lucky types.Most of Buddhist monasteries and temples use drum in their daily practice while meditating.

Some psychological and scientific results have highlighted benefits of this type of drum therapy.Such benefits includes improved immunity,better meditative state,reduces stress and anxiety.It is also helpful in correcting emotional disorders and depression.

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