Increasing awareness about Chakras have made people conscious and thus they want to keep them (chakras) balances . One should try to clean is aura daily .He can do this by soaking in an epsom salth bath, doing smudging with sage sticks etc.A person can include some basic habit/task/exercise which can prove to be very helpful in strengthening and balancing chakras.


Exercise for Root Chakra One can marching in place or he can do squats in order to balance its root chakra
Exercise for sacral chakra  Sacral chakra can be strenthened by  circular pelvis movements
Solar Plexus Chakra Exercises One can do dancing,twisting etc for balancing solar plexus chakra.
Heart Chakra Exercises By doing push ups, swimming etc this chakra can be balanced
Exercise for throat chakra singing or having salth water gargles help in making this stronger
Exercise for Brow Chakra Devote some time doing practise for visualization and remote viewing
Exercise for crown chakra Doing prayer,meditation proved beneficial for this chakra
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