What Does the First Letter of Your Name Tells About Your


 Your name is not only your identity but it also reveals a lot about you and your personality. Read more to know what the first letter of your name depicts about your personality.

When your name starts with A

People may find you rude and egoistic, but you know what you want in your life. You are up-front and don’t believe in giving hints. Intellectuality, smartness and sense of humour attract you in a person, although physical appearance also matters to you. You are practical and make wise choices.

When your name starts with B

You are a private person and like to keep your life personal. You love exchanging gifts and getting pampered. You are one of the most sensitive people and want people to respect your feelings. You want an affectionate partner and willing to experiment.

 When your name starts with C

You are a social person who loves to be around a lot of people. It is important for you that you are accepted among the society, for which you can do anything. Even for your partner, you want someone who is attractive and good looking. You want someone who appreciates you and treats you like God. You have strong control over your desires and dreams.

When your name starts with D

People might take you as a strong headed and stubborn person. But it’s your nature to put efforts to get something you like. Otherwise, you are a gentle and caring person. You are loyal, possessive and intense in your relationship. However, you cannot stand eccentric and unusual behaviour. You want a loving and caring partner.

When your name starts with E

You live by your brains, and brain needs good conversation and books for food. Therefore, you are a person who needs good and intellectual conversation to keep going. You speak a lot and want good listeners in your life. Books are your best friend. No one can beat you in flirting, but things get bitter if the other one has a bad sense of humour.

When your name starts with F

You are an idealistic and most romantic person one can be. You are passionate, lovable and make good partners. You expect loyalty and trust from your partner. You love daydreaming and this your favourite time pass.

When your name starts with G

You are a perfectionist and expect the same from your partner. You are extremely active and never tiring. You love the company of smart and confident people, as they resemble you. You find it very difficult express your emotional side, even to your loved ones.

When your name starts with H

You live your life to the most and enjoy even the smallest things. People can always count on you, as they know that you will stand by them in their good and bad. You are very hard to satisfy and live with your beliefs. You are a daydreamer and passionate for your life.

When your name starts with I

You enjoy luxury and want to be loved, appreciated, and even worshipped. You are too fussy to handle and gets easily bored. You are a sensual partner, but loyalty is definitely not your strong point. You are experimental with things in your life, both materialistic and non-materialistic.

When your name starts with J

You are super active and always full of energy. You are a great lover one can ever dream of. You can even easily manage a long-distance relationship. However, it is important for you to channelize your energy in the right direction. Ensure that you are taking good care of the people you love.

When your name starts with K

People will find you secretive, introvert and shy. However, deep inside, you are very passionate, romantic and sensual. You are serious about what you are doing and don’t like to fool around. You are a good friend and the best lover. You are generous, selfless and a pure hearted person.

When your name starts with L

You are a very romantic person, and your partner means a lot to you. However, the intellectual brightness of your partner is very important for you to sustain your relationship. You are good at expressing your emotions and ensure that you have appropriate time for your loved ones.

When your name starts with M

You appear innocent, introvert and shy, but appearances are deceptive. You easily get board, which makes your highly volatile. You believe in perfection and expect the same from you and also your partner. You always want to win and never give up – no matter what. You find it very difficult to express your feelings. Sometimes you are very selfish, and at other times, you are a generous and giving person.

When your name starts with N

You are an emotional and intense character who loves to pamper and get pampered. You are one of the most selfless people one can find on the planet. You give in everything for your loved ones. You are extremely energetic and imaginative.

When your name starts with O

You are a fun-loving person, but try to hide your desires. You accept nothing but the best. You are a loyal person and expect loyalty from your near and dear ones. You are a passionate and romantic lover, but sometimes your passion turns to possessiveness, which is needed to be kept in check.

When your name starts with P

You are very conscious of what other thinks about you. Therefore, you leave not stone unturned to come out as a perfect person. Your image and reputation are very important for you. This is why; you want a good looking and smart life partner. Intelligence is one thing that attracts you the most. You are very social and like to flirt.

When your name starts with Q

You are full of energy and always on your foot to try something new and different. You are an enthusiastic lover who can do anything to make his/her partner happy. You are a lover of good conversation, which can activate your inner world.

When your name starts with R

You may give an expression of selfishness to the whole world, but deep inside you are a no-nonsense person. You always want to give your best and is open to feedback. You are an action-oriented person who loves intellectual company. A smart mind will attract you more than a great body.

When your name starts with S

People can easily confide in you, as you are the perfect friend. You are strong headed and never loose control of your emotions. When you make a commitment, you stand by it no matter what happens. There are times, you behave selfish, but most of the time you are generous and giving. You have a sweet nature, which is found to be attractive by men.

When your name starts with T

You are a very sensitive and private person. You like to take control of your life and do the things in your own way. You don’t like changes and disdain them. You are a great flirt and can woe anyone within no time. However, when committed, you are loyal and expect the same from your partner. It is advised that you pay attention to what others say, as this habit may save your life one day.

When your name starts with U

You are an enthusiastic and happy-go person. You are in love with the feeling of love. You are a roamer and want some thrill in your life. You love giving and receiving gifts. You are truly sensitive and put others’ feelings above yours.

When your name starts with V

You turn out to be very selfish who loves his/her independence and freedom. You don’t like anyone to interfere in your space. You believe that you are different and end up liking eccentric people. You are strong by heart and keep your calm in danger or fear. You want a partner who gives you your freedom and enjoys life with you.

When your name starts with W

You are an egotistic and proud person who never accepts no as an answer. However, you are very caring for the people who matter to you. Taking about the relationships, you are romantic and idealistic. You are a devoted lover and puts in every effort possible to make your love feel special.

When your name starts with X

You are an enthusiastic person who gets easily bored. You are very multi-talented and can do many things at one time; same applies to your relationships. You are talkative and a good company to spend time with.

When your name starts with Y

You come out to be an independent personality who loves to do things in your own way. You have full control over your emotions and rarely express them. You are constantly on a chase to prove yourself the best. You are a romantic and passionate lover who can do measures to bring smile on your partner’s face.

When your name starts with Z

The one who owns the last letter of the alphabet as the first letter of his/her name has a special inclination towards love. You are very romantic, which generally ends but messing other things in your life.


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