Everyone must have heard that meditation is good for relieving stress, increasing concentration, curbing your anger bouts and what not but trust me you will never really believe it unless and until you try it yourself. If you have been wondering as to how to get started, these 7 simple tips might come in handy to begin with:

  • Have Patience : Think of meditation like eating food, something you would do everyday. Although some results from meditation might be immediate, others can take a few weeks before you feel the complete effect. It will purely depend upon your dedication, discipline and PATIENCE. Do not give up easily, you will get there.
  • Choose a time slot : Since meditation is essentially a time to relax, choose a time slot which is convenient for you. This should be your scheduled “ME’ time and make sure you are not disturbed by an external factors.
  • Choose your spot: Choose a spot which is both quite and peaceful for practicing meditation. A soothing environment always helps you in reaping the maximum out of what meditation has to offer.
  • Relax yourself : Most of the people worry too much thinking about emptying their minds of free flowing thoughts leading to higher frustration levels. Meditation is solely meant to relax you, not to work you up. so take it easy, and allow your thoughts to flow freely.
  • Deep  breaths : Take a few deep breaths before you start meditating. This will help you in getting into a peaceful and serene meditative position.
  • Smile: Keep a smile on your face when you practice meditation. This will help you to be at peace and have an enriching meditation experience.
  • Repeat: This is one of the most essential parts that you might want to take care of. Daily practice is necessary if you really want to experience the true magical bliss of meditation. Think of this as an investment which would be beneficial to your present as well as future.


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