Switch words are words and phrases that everyone can use to directly communicate with the subconscious mind to bring into their lives what they wish to have. Switch words can be written, spoken, chanted, used to charge water, placed in energy circles, and used as part of a meditation practice.  The more the switch word or phrase is repeated, the more it will affect your energy. It will seep into your subconscious and you will see the results appearing in your everyday life.Switch words will increase your energy, unleash your creativity, help you find lost objects, deepen your connection to other, promote wealth, attract others to you, and increase your confidence.Use them to promote your business by increasing your client base. Help you lose weight by making you motivated, deepen your understanding and even relieve constipation. There’s no end to their usefulness.

How To Use Switchwords

Switchwords are used in many ways. You can:

  • Whisper or speak one throughout the day.
  • Write them down in a journal.
  • Use them in art or drop them into your writing.
  • Meditate on one or more Switchwords.
  • Some suggest writing them on your skin, or labeling your water.
  • Simply use them when you need to.

10 Switchwords To Attract Money


Switchword Function
Count To attract money
Find To grow a fortune
On Generate new business ideas
Tap To persuade, or convince
Waste To appear wealthy
Cancel To eliminate debt
Scheme To advertise, promote a business
Divine-Count Request a money miracle
Done To reach a stated goal
Together-Find To increase wealth


10 Switchwords To Attract or Deepen Love

Switchword Function
Together To feel as one
Love To generate love, bring it to you
Rejoice Eliminate jealousy and possessiveness
Between Improve your connection with another
Circulate To end loneliness
Divine-Love To create a love miracle
Concede To eliminate arguments
With To be agreeable
Slow To be patient and tolerant
Stretch To prolong a good feeling


10 Switchwords for General Situations

Switchword Function
Praise To create beauty; to be beautiful
Ice Blue To de-stress
Halfway To shorten distance
Divine-Order Efficiency; organized; tidy
Off To sleep; to quit a habit
Alone To heal
Giggle To turn on your writing mojo
Up To increase physical energy
Reach Find an object, idea, word, memory
Chuckle To turn on your personality


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