Karwa Chauth is the Hindu festival  which is  mainly celebrated in northern parts of India .The festival of Karwa Chauth falls in the Hindu month of Kartik on the fourth day after the full moon and is observed by married women. It is believed that if a  married women fasts on this day, her husband will be blessed with long life husband. These days  unmarried girls also keep this fast  and pray to God  for a good husband.

  • The celebration for Karwa Chauth begin with  shopping for colourful pots, decorated puja thali, henna,new cloth, jewellery etc.
  • The fast on Karvachauth begins before sunrise around 4 AM . Woman eats “sargi’ before sunrise which is given to her by her in mother-in-law. After that women do not eat during the day.
  • On this day women gather and perform puja and listen to these stories together.
  • In the evening women dress up in new clothes especially in vibrant colours, adorn henna and jewellery , sit and sing Karwa Chauth songs and perform feris .
  • All the women who kept the fast during the day for the long life of their husband, after sighting and worshipping the moon, take the first bite of food for the day from their husband’s hand.
  • This year Karwa Chauth will be observed on 17th October.
  • This year Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat time : 17.46 to 19.02
  • Moon rise: 20.20
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