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We all want to pursue a career that fits us and gives us great joy. However, most of us are stuck with the jobs that we don’t enjoy but endure because of the pay-check that we get at end of every month. In order to determine our areas of strength, we need to determine our life path number. To do that, take your birth date and reduce it to a single digit

Take an example

*Number 11 and 22 are special numbers*

Number 1

People falling under this number are born leaders. These people are well suited for profiles life military, law enforcement or even high ranking business managers. Even if you are currently working in a job where you are required to express humble nature, then also people look up to you for guidance.

Number 2

People with number 2 are very diplomatic in nature. These are well suited for professions that need sensitivity and mediation. Teaching, counselling, etc. is the best profession for such people. Even if you are working in an office, you are the best choice among your co-workers for settling disputes.

Number 3

People with number three are social animals. The entertainment industry, advertising industry and journalism are the careers where they can excel. People falling under this number are also very creative; therefore, this number enjoys many artists, writers and speakers.

Number 4

If you have four as your path number, you are best suited for the jobs that require attention to detail and organisational skills. You can become a perfect project manager, accountant, financial planner or engineer. You have a disciplined nature that makes you perfect for your jobs.

Number 5

People with number 5 are jack-of-all-trades and very fast learners. These people are perfect for professions like travel and adventure. These people are not afraid to take risks, and hence have a great scope in professions like venture capitalist, pilot, travel guides and stock marketing.

Number 6

You are a big team player and love to work with people and for the people. You could be a great healer, coach or teacher. You people are very devoted and stick long for a profession.

Number 7

People with path number 7 are great thinkers and philosophers in nature. Religion, spiritually and occult attracts them the most. Spiritual healing, counselling are some of the professions that are perfect for these people.

Number 8

Capability of taking big risks makes these people very rich and famous. You can find many business leaders, hospital administrators and big government officials with path number 8. In any job, you are definitely a go-to person.

Number 9

Career options associated with compassion and social justice are well suited for people falling under number 9. Human resources, social work and civil right activist are some of the career options. You are always ready to take any work in your hand.

Number 11

As your path number sums up to be 2, you have characteristics of number 2. Your devotion to equality makes you person who is always determined to work to make this world a better place to live.

Number 22

With your number summing up to be 4, you are a perfect example of a person doing things to improve the lives of the people. You always try to make this world more spiritual.



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