Indian Astrology explains logically most of the secrets of weight loss, as the experts mention that there is a link between weight loss and movement of the celestial bodies.
An expert evaluation of the Birth Chart can reveal all the factors and the determinants which are responsible for a person’s weight loss.


According to Indian Astrology, Jupiter plays a big role in weight related matters. It is Jupiter which rules our body’s tendency to release fat, causing obesity, excessive eating habit, muscles and bulging abdomen. If Jupiter is in a good place in the birth chart then obesity can never be a matter of concern for the person, but Jupiter’s unfavorable position in a person’s Birth Chart can make him / her keep dreaming of a perfect figure and health.


Indian Astrology also says that Planet Mars represents energy, vitality and willpower. It energizes emotions and causes athletic abilities, quick action, and great stamina. If Mars is unfavorably placed then it can weaken the will power which makes it tough to achieve weight loss goals.

Astrology can help controlling weight lose and for that many astrologers believe in doing some ‘Homas’ to suppress the bad influences of affected planets:

  • Increase Mars ruled processes like exercise, that means burning calories and increasing fitness levels.
  • Get rid of Saturn ruled end-products like toxins, in other words no smoking, alcohol or processed foods.
  • Use-up the Jupiter ruled products like Fats and carbohydrates in the form of sweets etc.through movement and exercise.

In short, after a long discussion every thing boiled down to one simple fact that weight loss is nothing but a process based on a simple formula and that is true to ancient Indian astrology as well as modern scientific research;

  • Exercise more
  • Reduce toxins in your body
  • Burn the fat

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