Now a days placing a bamboo more often known as the lucky bamboo is one of the popular feng shui tip for bringing prosperity in your home or office.It is although very easy to take care of this plant but it is always a give and take ,the more love and attention you give ,the more you will get back..ofcourse its an universal law.

Bamboo is not only a peaceful strong category plant but at the same time it brings in positive energy to your work or home atmosphere.Now a days feng shui wooden bamboo is also taking a boom .There are five basic elements in feng shui which are : Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. It is very much important to place  the Lucky bamboo in the right place of your office or house so that it can bring in positive things in your life.  For attracting wealth and prosperity the bamboo plant should be placed in the wealth feng shui area of your home  for which Southeast direction is the best. Number of bamboo stalks also define benefit which can be derived for it .For ex-
3  Bamboo stalks is for  happiness, wealth, 5 Bamboo stalks are for attracting  wealth,7 Bamboo stalks reflects good health and so on.

So keep a lucky bamboo at your place and see changes in your life.

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