Mani wheels can be easily found in Tibet and other areas which follow Tibetan culture and belief. Mani wheel can be of several types. But let us first understand its meaning. Mani wheels or Tibetan prayer wheels are cylindrical shaped spinning devices for spreading positive energy in the atmosphere and at the same time removing negative energy and vibrations thereof. It has inside it rolls of thin paper, with many copy of mantras imprinted in it .The mantras. These are wound around an axle in a rod like container, and spun. It is a believe that reciting the mantra:Om Mani Padme Hum, out loud or silently brings in higher degree of blessings , compassion and a powerful positive energy. We can speak, write, see or spin. We can choose whatever way we are attracted to. Spinning the mantra in a mani wheel also gives same effect. But common mani wheel is a small hand help wheel .Spinning of mani wheel forms an important part in life of people who follow this. Tibetan people even carry their wheels doe hours and even when they travel, they carry their wheel with them.

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