Life is the manifestation of our own thoughts. Positive thoughts bring about positive developments in life and bring success to individuals. Hindu Mantras work with the sub-conscious mind and transform the potentials of people. Chanting a powerful mantra can encourage a lot of positive thinking in people. Here are the different Hindu Mantra suggestions for developing positive thinking.

How mantras work

Mantras are connected to the subtle forces in life. They help connect to the superhuman powers in the cosmos. Chanting a chosen mantra repeatedly as per the procedure advised can help reap the power of the mantras that will result in a positive change in the attitude, tendency, capabilities, confidence levels and the ability to endure in life.
How to chant the mantras

Hindu mantras have their origins in the Vedas. They are all revealed to the saints and sages in their deep meditation. Mantras are not written or composed, rather they are revealed. Once you choose a mantra to chant, you must not chant them aloud to be heard by all. Chant them seated in sitting posture keeping your spine in a straight position. Sit in front of the altar and chant the mantras in cycles of 21 or 108.
Hanuman Mantra for positive thinking

Lord Hanuman is always admired for his incomparable feats. Hanuman is the son of Lord Vayu (wind god) and the eminent devotee of Lord Sriram. With the power of Ram Nam, Hanuman achieved incomparable achievements. Chanting Hanuman mantras can win the blessings of Hanuman, Lord Ram and also Mother Sita.

  • Hanuman Moola Mantra

  Om Shri Hanumate Namah!!

Hanuman Gayatri Mantra


 Om Anjaneyaya Vidmahe Vayuputraya Dhimahi
Tanno Hanumat Prachodayat

  • Hanuman Sloka
  • Manojavam Marutatulyavegam Jitendriyam Buddhimatam Varishtham Vatatmajam               Vanarayuthamukhyam Shriramadutam Sharanam Prapadye
  • Shiv Mantras for positive thinking
  • Lord Shiva is the supreme godhead in Hinduism. When you seem to have lost all your confidence and fallen a prey for negative thoughts, take refuge in the power of Mahamrutyunjaya mantra and see your life get transformed for better. Mahamrutyunjaya mantra infuses extreme levels of self-confidence and bestows energy to body, mind and spirit.
    • Shiv Moola mantra
    • Om Nama Shivaya Mrutyunjaya mantra
    • Om Tryambakam Yajaamahe
      Sugandhim Pushtti-Vardhanam
      UrvaarukamIva Bandhanaan
      Mrtyor-Mukssiiya Maamrtaat
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