Numerology 9

A Number reveals a lot about personality, traits, character, nature, direction, and love & compatibly of an individual person. A number calculated on the basis of name is called destiny number or namank in Numerology.

A person will find general characteristics and features of a number 5 below which will be able to help them to understand your personality and nature and also you will be able to find what you can do to improve your life.

Characteristics and Features of Number 9

Nature: By nature the person with numerology 9 are strong willed and a courageous person. The person love and respect yourself even if other stand up against them.  They want to be the master of their own destiny and so they can easily be a great leader. They are a very humane individual and believe in taking their friends along with them. Given a chance theyalways want to help others.

Career: Military, politics, teaching and social services work for them


PROFESSION Jounrel, Leader, Police, Commander, Fire work, Doctor, Bank, Chemist, Machinery work
DAY Tuesday, Monday, Thursday, Friday
COUNTRY Indonesia
CITY Calcutta, Paris
FAVOURABLE DAYS 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th, or 30th
Diseases Beware of following diseases:

  • Fever,
  • Small pox,
  • Chicken pox
AGE 19th, 28th, 37th, 46th is good or bad for health.
CARE Avoid eating heavy food and drinking. Papya is good for your health.




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