Miracles of Nutmeg not just as a spice but as medicine also

Most of the time we suffer with such common problems that we get no time to take prescription from the doctors. We take it very lightly and casually. If you are dealing with gastric problems, constipation, having ache, skin problems or swelling then using nutmeg in day-to-day life can help you to the most extent. Nutmeg is useful in many ways. We can use it in home remedies also. Nutmeg is a spice that can be used in further spices. It holds pharmaceutical virtues. When you don’t feel hunger, by licking just a pinch of nutmeg you will feel relief in a jiff. Of course, it is conducive to increase your digestive acids and hunger which further leads to easy digestion in human body.

So, here are some home remedies which can prove to be as miracle by adopting it in your day-to-day life:

  • Make powder of dry ginger, nutmeg and cumin. Take this powder before meal with water and you will get rid of gastric problems.
  • For stomachache, you can take one piece of sugar, add two- three drops of nutmeg oil and intake it. You will get relief soon.
  • Women who are bearing the pregnancy pain or at the time of delivery then they can apply the paste of rubbed nutmeg with water on their waist to get over the pain. You will feel the benefit.
  • Take 10 nutmegs and roast it in alms, sieve and rub it. Add two cups of flour and again cook it in alms. Add sugar in it and perverse it. Take one spoon of this mixture everyday early in the morning before having breakfast. This remedy will surely help you to say good bye to Piles.
  • Take nutmeg with honey, this will strong your heart and provide strength to you.
  • Cook nutmeg with water and sieve its extracted water. Then intake this water in your mouth and spit it out in few minutes. It cures your sore mouth and swollen throat.
  • For toothache, nutmeg oil can be proved very beneficial. Take nutmeg oil into cotton and apply it on the place where the tooth is creating problem. Pain will be disappear instantly. It can cure cavity also.
  • Mix mustard oil with nutmeg oil in equal amount and store it. Do message two-three times in a day with this solution. Knee pain, swelling and sprain will be easily tackled out.
  • Rub nutmeg with unboil milk and apply in your face during day as well as night. Pimples will be cured. Glow will be easily shown to your face.
  • One pinch of nutmeg powder stir in your milk and have it so that it will cure your cold and whopping cough.
  • Apply paste of nutmeg in cracked foot, it will give you relief.
  • Add nutmeg paste in lemon juice and take it day and night after having meal. It will cure your gastric problem and constipation.


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