Philosophy in Ramayana

Rama,Embodiment of dharma. Personification of Justice. The word ‘Rama’ is a combination of Ra, meaning light and Ma, meaning within my heart. The word Rama literally means Light within my heart. The significance of naming the characters in our mythology is very high. Ram’s father is Dasharatha, meaning Ten Chariots. The ten chariots symbolise the five gnanendriya and five Karmendriya (Sense organs and organs of action). Kousalya means skill. This means that one can dwell and realise the light within oneself, when he can combine the actions of all his organs in a skilful way. This is the same thing depicted in Krishna’s Gita as well : “Yogah Karmasu Kausalam”.

The kingdom of Rama is known by the name Ayodhya, meaning ipregnable. No war can reach inside this Ayodhya. Rama, here, is the realisation of one’s ownself can happen in a place similar to Ayodhya, that is where there cannot be any war or conflict.

Rama is none other than our soul (Atma), Sita being our Life force (prana). The soul can meet the life force if and only if the mind(Hanuman) helps us under a constant awareness(Laxmana). Hanuman is a monkey-warrior and is compared to the mind of ours. This has a subtle reason behind it. Our mind is also monkey-alike, which cannot be stable at any given point of time. Therefore, we must train our mind on one thing, just as Hanuman has put his devotion on Rama. That is when, we will be able to gain that split second of realisation where the unification of Rama and Sita happens, the unification of Jeevatma and Paramatma. Ramayana, the word itself means, ‘Ramasya aayanam Raamayanam’- the travel of Rama, here, the travel of Soul. One must realise that this travel must be towards self-realisation. Happy Sri Rama Navami to all.

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