I hope you liked earlier article on positive affirmations on health and money.Today I would like to share with you some affirmations which specially can help persons who always complain of not remembering things.These affirmations will not only try to make your mind sharp but at the same time enhance your mental capabilities.

Further it will help you to solve difficult problems making it easier which can make you receive good complements of having sharp memory,good IQ  etc.

Some of such affirmations are as under:

  1. I have good concentration power.
  2. My concentration power is increasing day by day.
  3. I have sharp memory.
  4. My skills are improving every day.
  5. I quickly solve difficult problems
  6. I am intelligent
  7. I am becoming smarter day by day.
  8. Focusing feels natural.
  9. Solving any problem is a simple task for me.
  10. I can  recall information with ease.
  11. Every second ,I am expanding my knowledge and expertise.
  12. I am a genius at what I do.
  13. Everyday, I am getting complements for my knowledge.



If you are a student or a parent then you can change these affirmations as per the purpose .

For ex student can use some affirmations like these 

  1. I always get good grades in exams.
  2. I enjoy studying.
  3. Distractions don’t disturb me while studying.
  4. I study well
  5. Working hard for studies comes naturally to me.
  6. Everyone sees me as a bright student.
  7. I am a bright student
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