A combination of two words Rei and Ki meaning Higher power and life force respectively. Each body has a subtle life force around it signifying the “Prana” existing in it. So, Reiki is a method of treating the illness by treating the life force itself. Once when our body gets weak around a part, the life force takes a toll around that area. We feel weak. The process of Reiki involves transfer of this Prana from one body to other, that is from the doctor to the victim. One must be careful that the one who is treating must be perfectly healthy to perform the energy transfer as the weak cannot treat the weak, but only the strong can. Palms are the gateway through which we can transfer and channel the energy into a single path.

We might have seen many portraits of gods and goddesses of different mythologies, may it be Indian or Greek or any other, we can find them blessing us with open palms and light coming through. This is nothing but symbolic representation of showing that Prana can pass through the palms. Take in the case of meditation, people instruct us to concentrate on our breathing and ask us to put the palms open facing towards sky when we sit in Padmasana, the lotus flower posture. This is because, Sky is the infinite source of Prana. We open our palms towards sky and channel our concentration on our breath so that there can be a transfer of the Prana shakthi directly from the sky to this human body itself. One must understand that this human body is limitless and can possess infinite life energy. One must be capable enough to receive the energy. So, this method of healing Reiki, deals with the transfer of life force from one body to other. One must understand and believe that this Reiki is nothing related to religion because irrespective of which religion a human is, there exists life force in every being. So, everything lies in the trust that one places upon the method, trust is the only thing that stays in between the effect of this beautiful method of energy transfer to take place.

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