1. Take some red gulal powder on holi and wrap it in a red cloth. Keep this bundle in your Business place or your locker at home and experience continued profits and success. You will never be short of funds.2. Every friday, distributing sweet jaggery with grams to devotees in Lakshminarain temple and offering fragrant incense and also lighting them at the feet of Maa Lakshmi , ensure continued progress and success at the workplace.

    3. Whenever you are leaving your house to go to your workplace, always pray to your deity and wear a sweet perfume ,before leaving the house.

    4. Burn camphor and red vermillion, collect the ash in a small piece of paper and make a small bundle. Keep this bundle in the cash box at the workplace or in the locker at home to ensure profits and financial gains.

    5. At the time of leaving and returning from your workplace, ensure that you touch the ground at the entrance of the workplace with your right hand and touch it to your forehead, at the same time remembering your deity mentally, by this you shall earn the bounties of the almighty .Your love and respect of your workplace shall earn you love and respect of the workplace by the blessings of the almighty.

    6. If you are facing continued losses in business or obstacles in success in your workplace ,you are unable to get along with people around ,then ensure that you keep the broom out of sight of visitors at the workplace as well as at home…. very soon you will notice the change for the better.

    7. Every household that lives with each other with love and harmony, such houses are bereft of misery and sorrows and are always prosperous and full of abundance.

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