Self Healing Through Tapping Technique

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a very effective and self healing method which really helps in reducing stress or painful and negative emotions and traumas or even some physical ailments.

The main theory behind this concept is the altering of energy field by minimizing  the negative emotions or  self hatred which we develop during the course of time while facing emotional issues or other problem in our life and  due to which  we  stop to love and accepting ourselves. There are certain basic steps of EFT Tapping and by following them,one can reach into a state of relief from the issues.

Firstly define the negative emotion or issue which is bothering you and assign it a number between “0 to 10” where “0” is the minimum disturbance of the issue in your life and “10” is the maximum.

Set up a specific phrase for the problem .For ex- Even though I feel hurt and sad that (name of person) has dumped me, I completely love and accept myself anyway.

Keep on repeating the phrase while tapping the point on either side of hand just below the little finger. This point is usually known by the name karate chop point.Tap it few times (7-10 times).

Then the next steps is to shorten the phrase so that it is easily reminded.Start tapping on other points speaking the shortened phrase loudly.For ex- (name of person) dumped me. Other points are :

  • Inner eyebrow bone above the corner of the eye
  • Outer eye bone at outside edge of the eye
  • Under the eye bone .
  • Between the nose and the lip.
  • in the middle of the chin
  • On your chest. Find the “U” shaped bone below your throat, go down
  • Under your arm
  • Insides of wrists.
  • In the middle of Top of head:.

After this ask yourself to rate the problem again on a scale of 0 to 10 .

Keep on repeating the procedure frequently unless you reach the value of 2 or less.You can further shorten the  phrase as in above example to ..dumped me or dumped..

Once you reach the levels on lower side like 4..3…2… you will start feeling more confident and strong and will ultimately will be full of courage to let go this problem .

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