What are you looking for in your life?What are you finding?A happy life would surely be an answer.But are you getting so ?? Why?? Are you not eyeing correctly on your happiness ?Are you just wondering over the things which you don’t want in your life?You must have heard about Mojave Desert, a desert in California,USA.A desert where you can find meat of dead birds as well as blossoms of flowers.Two different types of bird flow over that desert namely, vulture and the hummingbird.A vulture , scavenging birds of prey looks for rotten meat while flying above sky and vigorously goes for his so called rotten  meat food.On the other hand in that same desert ,hummingbird   ignoring that smelly meat looks for tiny blossom for flower nectar even from cactus flower .It keeps on looking for them until it finds colorful blossoms.

Each bird whether vulture or hummingbird finds what it is looking for.So everyone is living the way of life everyone wants to i.e what he or she has accepted deep inside.For what are you finding in life determines what you are looking in your life.What you expects in life determines what will you get,.If you expect joy or sorrow you will find one.If you are expecting good salary ,you will get it  ,a good home or a life full of disturbed home where everyone is doing arguments. So expect miracles and have miracles Idea is to think positive and good and that to from deep inside so that it can have a blue print on sub conscious mind as well.If you master it, nothing seems difficult and like hummingbird you can easily search for blossoms of life .Choice of being a vulture or a humming bird is entirely yours.

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