Aura Scanner-

Aura scanner, is a device that can sense the aura of a person. Each living or non-living being on the planet is made up of some sort of matter, of which an atom is called as the smallest part. The universe comprises of various energies that are emanated and affected by the atom. The scanner has been devised to effectively and efficiently sense the levels of energy sample provided to it.

Features provided by Aura Scanner:-

Vaastu dosha

Most of the Vaastu consultants are work on the principal of structural. This is why even after living in perfect vaastu compatible buildings, one keeps on experiencing various types of problems in their life. There could be any other type of negative energy points in the vicinity that cannot be detected very easily without this scanner. There are energies within clothes, utensils and other articles which feed on the aura of the house and the humans living in it, bringing ill luck.

Find negativity in a body:

Most of the diseases and stress nowadays are caused mainly by negative energies of the entire body. Using this scanner one may find out the negativity of the body and identify if any ill effects are there because of the negative energies present in them.

Detect the Disease:

The aura scanner can detect disease before it actually strikes a body. After a complete analysis, one can know what precautions he should take to prevent from disease.

Person to Person:

The Aura Scanner can detect the ratio of comparison between two persons which is necessary in associations of business, marriages etc.

Investigation and search:

The Aura scanner is very essential to conduct the search of any missing person or object by providing a photograph of a missing or lost object or person is available for search. The Aura Scanner is extremely useful in the laboratory of forensic, investigating agencies for various detection in crimes.


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