Ribbon reading is another way of connecting to the energy.Like in tarot future is predicted through pictorial cards,here it is done with the help of 16 colorful ribbons.

Ribbons use for reading are black,red,pink,dark pink,yellow,orange,pearly grey,turqouise,brown or dark plum,white,peach,navy blue,royal blue,dark,baby blue and green in color.Length of ribbon is usually between 12 to 18 inch.

Every ribbon has different meaning which can be as follows (or can be assigned by the reader on hi own as per intuition)

White: Purity,light,simplicity

Red:Abundance of energy,power,sex,love


Orange: Creativity,strength

Yellow:Travel & abundance

Green:Connected to nature

Light blue: safety & security

dark blue :achievement


Brown or dark plum: related to earth

black : secretive,private

Before doing a ribbon reading,reader must ensure to cleanse the area.Do smudging or burn incense.One can also play light music ,use crystals and candle.Start reading with initial meditation.When doing it for someone else,you can ask your client to close your eyes and relax for few minutes and then concentrate and focus on the issue.Then lay 16 ribbons one after other or tie it at top (you can opt your own way) and pick/ask to pick 6 out of those ribbons .

First ribbon represents basic personality of the enquirer.Second represents negative area in life which third shows positive aspects of life.Fourth ribbon represents most beneficial way forward for coming out of issue.Fifth represents strength which is yet to be tapped in and sixth shows long term outcome.

After reading ,remember to ground yourself by keeping hand in cold water for few seconds.

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