Whether you are planning for a romantic date with your partner or wish to attract love in your life,ylang – ylang is one of those few essential oils that can add love and sensuality to your desire.It  is famous for arousing fascination and feeling of romance..It helps in elevating sexual energy and brings closeness.Essential oil through its fragrance have ability to directly effects emotions . Ylang ylang being one of those  helps in  stimulating  sexual energy.By daily using ylang ylang oil ,it awakens the feeling of love and washes away feelings of separation and loneliness.It is used in love spells also to attract lover.Not only it helps in attracting new love,but also makes the bond stronger in relationship which has lost its charm.It can also be used for bringing back harmony in home by making ylang ylang spray mixed with pure water and sprinkling in bedroom .One should use ylang ylang in time of need when he or she wants to release or get over from past relationship which ended up in bad mode .Aroma of ylang ylang can help to create confidence of moving on.

How to make solid ylang ylang perfume at home ?

You can make your own ylang -ylang perfume so effortlessly and enjoy the magic of its aroma.Following ingredients are required :

  • Sweet almond oil
  • Bees wax
  • Ylang ylang oil
  • Small container for storing solid perfume.


  • Blend ylang ylang oil
  • In small double boiler heat water on lower pot and melt the beeswax  on top pot and as beeswax melts , add equal quantity of oil and keep stirring until it takes liquid form.
  • Remove From gas stove and Quickly add your essential oil(ylang ylang).You have to do this fast because liquid will start setting fast.
  • Pour liquid into the container
  • Let it harden.As the perfume sets and becomes harden, solid perfume is ready for use
  • Use it daily and enhance your attracting power.
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